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This list includes only book-length nonfiction. Including short non-fiction (introductions, afterwords, reviews, editorials and so on) would make the list much too long to be of any use – over 1200 items as of this update, and I know I'm missing a lot.

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  1. 1001 Answers to Vital Sex Questions (Non-fiction)
  2. 1066 (Non-fiction)
  3. 90% of What You Know About Sex Is Wrong (Non-fiction)
  4. The Adventures of Nat Palmer: Antarctic Explorer and Clipper Ship Pioneer (Non-fiction)
  5. Akhnaten: The Rebel Pharaoh (Non-fiction)
  6. Antarctic Conquest: The Great Explorers in Their Own Words (Non-fiction)
  7. The Auk, the Dodo, and the Oryx: Vanished and Vanishing Creatures (Non-fiction)
  8. Before the Sphinx: Early Egypt (Non-fiction)
  9. Bridges (Non-fiction)
  10. Bruce of the Blue Nile (Non-fiction)
  11. Challenge for a Throne: The Wars of the Roses (Non-fiction)
  12. The Challenge of Climate: Man and His Environment (Non-fiction)
  13. Clocks for the Ages: How Scientists Date the Past (Non-fiction)
  14. Company Girl (Non-fiction)
  15. The Crusades (Non-fiction)
  16. The Dawn of Medicine (Non-fiction)
  17. The Deceivers (Non-fiction)
  18. The Dodo, the Auk and the Oryx (Non-fiction) (see The Auk, the Dodo, and the Oryx: Vanished and Vanishing Creatures)
  19. Drug Themes in Science Fiction (Non-fiction)
  20. Empires in the Dust: Ancient Civilizations Brought to Light (Non-fiction)
  21. The Fabulous Rockefellers (Non-fiction)
  22. Fifteen Battles That Changed the World (Non-fiction)
  23. Fifteen Nights of Love (Non-fiction)
  24. First American Into Space (Non-fiction)
  25. Forgotten by Time: A Book of Living Fossils (Non-fiction)
  26. Four Men Who Changed the Universe (Non-fiction)
  27. Frontiers in Archeology (Non-fiction)
  28. Ghost Towns of the American West (Non-fiction)
  29. The Golden Dream: Seekers of El Dorado (Non-fiction)
  30. Great Adventures in Archaeology (Non-fiction)
  31. The Great Doctors (Non-fiction)
  32. The Great Wall of China (Non-fiction)
  33. The History of Surgery (Non-fiction)
  34. Home of the Red Man: Indian North America before Columbus (Non-fiction)
  35. The Hopefuls: Ten Presidential Campaigns (Non-fiction)
  36. How to Spend Money (Non-fiction)
  37. I Am a Nymphomaniac (Non-fiction)
  38. If I Forget Thee, O Jerusalem (Non-fiction)
  39. Into Space: A Young Person's Guide to Space Exploration (Non-fiction)
  40. John Muir, Prophet Among the Glaciers (Non-fiction)
  41. Kublai Khan: Lord of Xanadu (Non-fiction)
  42. The Labors of Hercules (Non-fiction)
  43. Leaders of Labor (Non-fiction)
  44. Light for the World: Edison and the Power of Electricity (Non-fiction)
  45. The Loneliest Continent: The Story of Antarctic Discovery (Non-fiction)
  46. The Long Rampart: The Story of the Great Wall of China (Non-fiction)
  47. The Longest Voyage: Circumnavigation in the Age of Discovery (Non-fiction)
  48. Lost Cities and Vanished Civilizations (Non-fiction)
  49. Mammoths Mastodons and Man (Non-fiction)
  50. Man Before Adam: The Story of Man in Search of Origins (Non-fiction)
  51. The Man Who Found Nineveh (Non-fiction)
  52. Masochism (Non-fiction)
  53. Men Against Time: Salvage Archaeology in the United States (Non-fiction)
  54. Men Who Mastered the Atom (Non-fiction)
  55. The Morning of Mankind: Prehistoric Man in Europe (Non-fiction)
  56. The Mound Builders (Non-fiction)
  57. Mound Builders of Ancient America: The Archaeology of a Myth (Non-fiction)
  58. Niels Bohr: The Man Who Mapped the Atom (Non-fiction)
  59. The Old Ones: Indians of the American Southwest (Non-fiction)
  60. Other Spaces, Other Times (Non-fiction)
  61. Philosopher of Evil: The Life and Works of the Marquis de Sade (Non-fiction)
  62. The Pueblo Revolt (Non-fiction)
  63. The Realm of Prester John (Non-fiction)
  64. Rivers: A Book to Begin On (Non-fiction)
  65. Sadism (Non-fiction)
  66. Sam Houston (Non-fiction)
  67. Scientists and Scoundrels: A Book of Hoaxes (Non-fiction)
  68. The Search for Eldorado (Non-fiction)
  69. The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World (Non-fiction)
  70. Sex and Hypnosis (Non-fiction)
  71. Sex and the Armed Forces (Non-fiction)
  72. Sex and the Divorced Woman (Non-fiction)
  73. Sex Fiend (Non-fiction)
  74. Sex in Our Schools (Non-fiction)
  75. The Single Girl (Non-fiction)
  76. Sir Winston Churchill (Non-fiction)
  77. Socrates (Non-fiction)
  78. Sophisticated Sex Techniques in Marriage (Non-fiction)
  79. The South Pole: A Book to Begin On (Non-fiction)
  80. The Stolen Election: Tilden vs. Hayes, 1876 (Non-fiction)
  81. Stormy Voyager (Non-fiction)
  82. Sunken History: The Story of Underwater Archaeology (Non-fiction)
  83. To the Rock of Darius: The Story of Henry Rawlinson (Non-fiction)
  84. To the Western Shore: Growth of the United States (Non-fiction)
  85. Treasures Beneath the Sea (Non-fiction)
  86. Twilight Women (Non-fiction)
  87. Vanishing Giants: the Story of the Sequoias (Non-fiction)
  88. Virgin Wives (Non-fiction)
  89. Wonders of Ancient Chinese Science (Non-fiction)
  90. The World of Coral (Non-fiction)
  91. The World of Space (Non-fiction)
  92. The World of the Ocean Depths (Non-fiction)
  93. The World of the Rain Forests (Non-fiction)
  94. The World Within the Ocean Wave (Non-fiction)
  95. The World Within the Tide Pool (Non-fiction)
  96. You and Your Sex Life (Non-fiction)