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  1. Across a Billion Years (Novel)
  2. The Alien Years (Novel)
  3. Aliens from Space (Novel)
  4. The Anvil of Time (Novel) (see Hawksbill Station)
  5. At Winter's End (Novel)
  6. The Book of Skulls (Novel)
  7. Collision Course (Novel)
  8. Conquerors from the Darkness (Novel)
  9. The Dawning Light (Novel)
  10. Downward to the Earth (Novel)
  11. Dying Inside (Novel)
  12. The Face of the Waters (Novel)
  13. The Gate of Worlds (Novel)
  14. Gilgamesh the King (Novel)
  15. Hawksbill Station (Novel)
  16. Hot Sky at Midnight (Novel)
  17. Invaders from Earth (Novel)
  18. Invisible Barriers (Novel)
  19. King of Dreams (Novel)
  20. Kingdoms of the Wall (Novel)
  21. Lest We Forget Thee, Earth (Novel)
  22. Letters from Atlantis (Novel)
  23. The Longest Way Home (Novel)
  24. Lord of Darkness (Novel)
  25. Lord Prestimion (Novel)
  26. Lord Valentine's Castle (Novel)
  27. Lost Race of Mars (Novel)
  28. Majipoor Chronicles (Novel)
  29. The Man in the Maze (Novel)
  30. The Mask of Akhnaten (Novel)
  31. The Masks of Time (Novel)
  32. Master of Life and Death (Novel)
  33. The Mountains of Majipoor (Novel)
  34. The Mutant Season (Novel)
  35. The New Springtime (Novel)
  36. Nightfall (Novel)
  37. Nightwings (Novel)
  38. One of Our Asteroids Is Missing (Novel)
  39. The Planet Killers (Novel)
  40. Planet of Death (Novel)
  41. The Plot Against Earth (Novel)
  42. The Positronic Man (Novel)
  43. Project Pendulum (Novel)
  44. Queen of Springtime (Novel) (see The New Springtime)
  45. Recalled to Life (Novel)
  46. Regan's Planet (Novel)
  47. Revolt on Alpha C (Novel)
  48. Roma Eterna (Novel)
  49. The Second Trip (Novel)
  50. The Seed of Earth (Novel)
  51. Shadow on the Stars (Novel) (see Stepsons of Terra)
  52. Shadrach in the Furnace (Novel)
  53. The Shrouded Planet (Novel)
  54. The Silent Invaders (Novel)
  55. Son of Man (Novel)
  56. Sorcerers of Majipoor (Novel)
  57. Star of Gypsies (Novel)
  58. Starborne (Novel)
  59. Starhaven (Novel)
  60. Starman's Quest (Novel)
  61. Stepsons of Terra (Novel)
  62. The Stochastic Man (Novel)
  63. Tales of Majipoor (Novel)
  64. Thebes of the Hundred Gates (Novel)
  65. The Thirteenth Immortal (Novel)
  66. Thorns (Novel)
  67. Those Who Watch (Novel)
  68. Three Survived (Novel)
  69. The Time Hoppers (Novel)
  70. A Time of Changes (Novel)
  71. Time of the Great Freeze (Novel)
  72. To Live Again (Novel)
  73. To Open the Sky (Novel)
  74. To the Land of the Living (Novel)
  75. Tom O'Bedlam (Novel)
  76. Tower of Glass (Novel)
  77. The Ugly Little Boy (Novel)
  78. Up the Line (Novel)
  79. Valentine Pontifex (Novel)
  80. Vornan-19 (Novel) (see The Masks of Time)
  81. The World Inside (Novel)
  82. World's Fair 1992 (Novel)