The Stochastic Man

by Robert Silverberg

Year: 1987

Publisher: Warner

Country: USA

Pages: 240

Media: Mass market paperback

ISBN: 0-446-34507-5


Cover art: Don Dixon

ID: 1262



Lew Nichols had the magic touch, the unique ability to combine research and intuition into frighteningly accurate predictions of future trends. His talent had earned him the coveted position of kingmaker, the man behind the scenes who could steer charismatic polititian Paul Quinn all the way to the White House in the year 2004.

Yes, Lew could sense the future and the future looked good, until his fateful meeting with eccentric old millionaire Martin Carvajal. For Carvajal was a man with true power—the power not just to predict changing trends but to actually see thefuture—a power he was only too willing to share with Lew. Lured by a vision beyond his own, Lew agreed to follow Carvajal into the day after tomorrow—but he would have to risk losing his present-day world forever!