The Stochastic Man

by Robert Silverberg

Year: 1976

Publisher: Fawcett

Country: USA

Pages: 240

Media: Mass market paperback

ISBN: 0-449-13570-5


Cover art: (unknown)

ID: 1263


Lew Nichols' business, at the end of the twentieth century, was stochastic prediction — high-powered guesswork. He was very good at this well-paying, sophisticated, and technical species of witchcraft. And he was quite content with the sultry and sensuous Indian beauty he married.

Lew Nichols' life was a placid as an electron flow — until a fateful day in March '99 when he met Martin Carvajal. From the first, Lew got strange vibrations from the sullen and eccentric millionaire:

Your computer models, said Carvajal, allow you to guess the future. Now I will show you how to control it!