The Plot Against Earth/Recruit for Andromeda

edited by Milton Lesser and Calvin M. Knox*

Year: 1959

Publisher: Ace

Country: USA

Pages: 255

Media: Mass market paperback


Code: D-358

Cover art: (unknown)

ID: 14


The humanoid worlds of the galaxy were alarmed! Somehow, somewhere, the mind-destroying hypnojewels were being trafficked in.

An uneasy Earth, newcomer to the ranks of the civilized planets, sent Lloyd Catton to the Interworld Crime Commission on Morilar to investigate. Although the Commission had made little progress until then, after his arrival things started to happen fast.

For it didn't take Catton long to realize that the hypnojewels were but the thin edge of a murderous wedge that was calculated to shove the Earth back again into the helpless isolation of a world returned to savagery.