Sex in Our Schools by Robert Silverberg

Sex in Our Schools

by Robert Silverberg

writing as L.T. Woodward MD*

Form: Non-fiction

Year: 1962

ID: 1000

Publication history:


(from Monarch 1962)


There is a sickness in our society today. Parents neglect their children, or else order them about so sternly that they rebel. Sexual and social mores are changing. "Everything for kicks" is the motto of our younger generation as they ignore self-discipline and flout recognized authority.

Sexual liberty is a natural outgrowth of such rebellion. Girls who have had several lovers before they are Sweet Sixteen, boys who could give many older people lessons in love — these are the children we see so frequently today.

There is no simple solution. BUT unless we want to be overwhelmed by a rising tide of illegitimate children and emotional cripples, we will have to start finding some answers, says Dr. Woodward in this penetrating study of what makes our young people tick.


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