The Silent Invaders by Robert Silverberg

The Silent Invaders

by Robert Silverberg

Form: Novel

Year: 1963

ID: 1024

Publication history:


(from Hamlyn 1978)

Abner Harris was sent to Earth on a mission of extreme urgency. The universe was in danger of enslavement by the Medlins, and the fight against them called for Harris to assume the disguise of a flesh-and-blood Earthman.

But he discovered that the real villains of space were not the Medlins or the people of Earth: they were his own kind.

Suddenly he was alone, alienated from his own race, hated by the Medlins, and an imposter on Earth. No matter what side he chose he'd be a traitor.

Yet choose he must...or forever remain a man without a planet.


An expansion of the novella of the same name. There is an amusing intoroduction to the 1977 Ace edition (and the Hamlyn as well) in which Silverberg tells of his surprise when he saw this book on a newsstand in 1973 and couldn't remember having written it.

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