I Am a Nymphomaniac by Robert Silverberg

I Am a Nymphomaniac

by Robert Silverberg

writing as L.T. Woodward MD*

Form: Non-fiction

Year: 1965

ID: 484

Publication history:


(from Belmont 1965)

They Couldn't Say No

Monique — who never really had a father

Louise — whose overstimulated body could never be satisfied

Carole — who felt she could be popular

Liz — the beautiful model who didn't want to be a lesbian

Lonnie — who hated men, but couldn't even find satisfaction abusing them

Phyllis — whose terrible secret drove her to the beds of any and every man

Six Women — all with one common bond: an unsatisble desire, that knew no bounds, for sexual release. And the sad knowledge that they would never achieve it.

A Revealing Study of Women in Torment.


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