The Ultimate Dinosaur

edited by Robert Silverberg

Year: 1991

Publisher: Bantam

Country: USA

Pages: 336

Media: Hard cover book

ISBN: 0553076760


Cover art: (unknown)

ID: 1553


The World of the Dinosaurs Revealed.

The most beautiful book of the year for dinosaur lovers.

An extraordinary new look at the prehistoric life of the dinosaurs by some of the world's foremost paleontologists, dinosaur illustrators, and visionary authors. This unique collaboration produces a spectacular tour of the world of dinosaurs with vivid pictures, fascinating new ideas and thought-provoking tales by a dozen respected dreamers.

A Collaboration to excite the mind and dazzle the eye, probing such mysteries as: Where the first dinosaurs appeared and how they eveolved; How the giant sauropods lived and reared their young; Hunting strategies among the predators; Migratory habits and family life of the dinosaurs; Possible causes of extinction; and much more...

The Authors: Poul Anderson, Gregory Benford, Michael Bishop, Ray Bradbury, L. Sprague de Camp, Harry Harrison, Barry Malzberg, Paul Preuss, Charles Sheffield, Robert Silverberg, Harry Turtledove, Connie Willis, Dave Wolverton.

The Scientists: David Archibald, Kenneth Carpenter, Sankar Chatterjee, Philip Currie, Anthony Fiorillo, Catherine Forster, William Gallagher, David Gillette, Don Lessem, Teresa Maryanska, Ralph Molnar, Halszka Osmolska, Ronald Rainger.

The Artists: Wayne D. Barlowe, Bob Eggleton, Brian Franczak, John-Paul Genso, John Gurche, Mark Hallet, Doug Henerson, Philip Hood, Kevin Johnson, Michael Meaker, William Parsons, Michael Rothman, Bill Sanderson, John Sibbick, E.T. Steadman, William G. Stout.