In Another Country and Other Short Novels

Year: 2002



Pages: 311


ISBN: 0786238763

Code: 3876-3

Cover art: (unknown)

ID: 1660


The Los Angeles Times says of Robert Silverberg, "...his is the hand of a master of his craft and imagination." Here the award-winning and universally acclaimed author brings us four very different views of places and people both real and imagined. In the title novella, strange travelers from a distant land arrive on the 20th-century West Coast in Silverberg's amazing sequel to C.L. Moore's classic Vintage Season. The Way to Spook City reveals an America divided, not by dissent or revolution, but by extraterrestrials who have taken over its heartland.

In They Hide, We Seek, mankind has joined five other races among the stars. Then possible evidence of a seventh race is found, threatening to change the balance of power. Finally, in This Is the Road, all creatures on a fantastic planet flee from bestial invaders known as the Teeth, who pillage and loot in unstoppable frenzy.

"Robert Silverberg is our best...Time and again he has expanded the parameters of science fiction,"
—The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction