A Little Intelligence

by Randall Garrett and Robert Silverberg

Year: 2009

Publisher: Crippen & Landru

Country: United States

Pages: 181

Media: Trade paperback

ISBN: 978-1-932009-71-2


Cover art: Carol Heyer

ID: 2439



Randall Garrett (1927-1987) and Robert Silverberg, two of the greatest writers of science fiction, were also accomplished mystery writers. A Little Intelligence collects their best mystery short stories, all written in the 1950's, mostly under the joint pseudonym of Robert Randall. With many of them set in future, the stories explore the topics of morality, theology, and humanity within their mysteries.

Included are the quandaries of Father Riley, Catholic priest, a scientist and a military officer, who grapples with the decision to use a machine which can see into the future; a challenge facing Sister Mary Magdalen, who must contend with interspecies rivalry among alien races in order to solve a murder, and the problem of a smuggled (and lively) mummy. The seven stories will leave you thinking long after the mystery is revealed.

Introduction by Robert Silverberg. Cover painting by Carol Heyer; design by Deborah Miller.