Going by Robert Silverberg


by Robert Silverberg

Form: Novella

Year: 1971

ID: 387

Publication history:


Based on a scenario by Isaac Asimov. R.A.Lafferty, Harry Harrison, and Alexei Panshin also contributed to Four Futures.

Medical advances lead to longer and longer lives, but babies are still being born. As part of a philosophy of population control, a kind of ritualized suicide (complete with counseling and final requests) called Going is favored by people who feel they've done enough for one lifetime. They willingly depart, making room for the next generation. It's 2095, and composer Henry Stuant, at a well-preserved 136, suddenly decides it's time to Go. He's written his last string quartet, published his last commentary, traveled everywhere he ever wanted to go, done everything he could want to do. But when it comes down to it, why can't he let go? A moving story, rather unlike Silverberg's more usual avoidance-of-death scenarios, which deserves to be counted among his best work of the 70s.

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